Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pinterest Thursday- Reusing Yogurt Containers

This is something I was excited to see I have a slight addiction to containers, bags, buckets...anything to gift wrap with or to decorate with. When I saw this I knew this was something I was trying...In fact I did it the next day and am so happy I did!

The pin:
Take off the labels of yogurt containers and reuse them...
The results: success!

What you need is a bottle of acetone, rag and container.

Because I have a wooden counter top, I did this all in my sink. I soaked the rag, in a bowl, with the acetone and wrapped it around the container for 3-5 mins.

It should wipe off after that, if not, let it sit a little longer then try wiping again. Considering we go through 2 large yogurt containers a week this is another thing to collect a great way to be green.  I can already see the Christmas goodies wrapped up in these beauties!

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