Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pinterest Thursday - Overnight Steel Cut Oatmeal

Dear Pinterest - Anytime you can make my life easier in the morning, I'm all in! 

This is why I love cereal, yes...I know that the health benefits are not as good as other alternatives -  I try to stick with the better stuff cinnamon toast crunch plain cheerios and such.  I do try and make the kids a warm breakfast at least a couple of times a week, depending on time of course.  So when I came across this oatmeal that you put into the crock pot, I knew it was going to be on my to do list.  But the luck I've had with other pins about crock pots, I was kind of scared to see what I was going to wake up to (see here for that fun pin - I use the word "fun" very loosely).

The Result: AWESOME!

Here's the recipe I came up with.  I wanted something plain that I could add whatever I wanted to...

Not only did this oatmeal taste great, but it's healthy for you.  Because steel cut oats are less processed than regular oatmeal (regular oatmeal is still a healthy breakfast!), it takes longer for your body to digest, thus making you feel fuller longer...perfect way to send little tummies to school...and perfect way to send mommy to the grocery store.  Otherwise mommy comes home with all kinds of junk - you know you are all guilty of "hungry buying" too...

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