Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Happy Birthday Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman!
My daughter's teacher asked us parents if we could send in an apple treat to share for Appleseed's birthday.  I knew right away what I was going to send in...little bites of heaven...
So to honor his birthday, here is this absolutely divine Caramel Apple Cookie recipe...
  The first time I tasted these morsels of heaven was in my mother-in-law's kitchen
(she always has cookies ready for us adults the grandkids when we visit...awesome, right?!?).  Since we try to eat "healthy", she made us one each...well that was just torture, so I came home and made some more...I also made a cupcake inspired by these bad boys...that recipe is to come...
The recipe came from Pinterest, of course!
Warning:  These cookies make your house like fall and are addicting!
Here's a little thing I learned after making these several times:
When you are pressing the dough in your hands, don't press too hard.  Let the bottom part of the cookie have more dough, than the top of the cookie.  This way the caramel has a less likely chance of going through.  I also put the dough (after I put the caramels in it) into the fridge until they are firm (an hour maybe???).  I noticed that they baked a little better that way.  Here's a picture of what they looked like on the bottom, after I did these steps. 
There weren't too many that the caramel oozed out of.
And here's the too cute cookie box I found at Target, in the dollar bin!
It was like it was destiny that I should find the box...and make the cookies again...and have leftovers...and eat those leftovers...

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