Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY Silhouette Necklace and Ring

I love silhouettes. I love silhouettes of kids. It's neat to look back at the past ones and see how much they have grown. While looking at silhouette stuff on etsy, I found a beautiful necklace and fell in love with it but the price was a little too steep for me...I'm cheap...this is not new knowledge people!
But I really, really wanted a necklace with my kiddies and a ring with my hubby, so I endeavored to find out how to make these beauties and here's what I came up with

Warning! This project will not take a lot of money, but it does require time and patience...both things which come in short supply with me. But it was definitely worth the wait!

Here's what I gathered...

Silhouettes (see below for what to do on this) 
Bezels, chain (I got mine at Hobby Lobby - 50% off, which made them $1 or $1.5 each - score!)
Small scissors
ICE resin (use your 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby - I think it was 11.99 before the coupon...can't remember)
Toothpick (to mix the resin)
Disposable shot glasses (got mine from Dollar Tree at 8:30 in the morning - wonder what they were thinking about me...)
Mod Podge OR packing tape
paintbrush to paint mod podge
If you are doing a ring - a piece of styrofoam to put the ring in
Something to put your bezels on to dry and put away from your impatient hands kiddy fingers
Sewing pin to pop bubbles

Get a picture of the silhouette you want to use. here's a great tutorial of how to turn your picture into a silhouette -

Don't have Photoshop - here's a video that shows you how to do it with a photo-

After getting your silhouette, I used Publisher to shrink and size the picture to the same as the bezel.

One of my bezels had the dimensions on the package. If you don't have the dimensions, use a ruler and make adjustments from that.
I cut my silhouette out with small craft scissors - I strongly suggest small scissors - why? you may me - otherwise you'll end up with something other than an oval...not talking from experience or anything...

You next need to seal the picture into the bezel...why do this? Well I can show you why this step is VERY important!

There's my mistake in all it's glory...See the seepage (is that a word??? whatever!)'s not cool...but it's going to have to be ok for now...

You can either do mod podge or you can use tape. I used mod podge because that's what I had. I would probably next do the tape - I don't have to let tape patience required.  If you do the mod podge - make sure you get it sealed completely.

Next follow the directions on the resin you have. Here's a tutorial that I found that shows how to do the resin.
Follow her directions - I couldn't have said it better myself

While it's drying, come back every so often and check for bubbles. If there are any - pop them! I used a sewing pin to do this.
If you are doing a ring like I did, push it into the foam so it's level when you pour in the resin

The final result...they are not perfect. Not perfect by any means. There are little, tiny bubbles in the bezels that did not come out no matter how many times I tried popping them Was it worth it??? I think so, especially when my kids love looking at them and trying to figure out who's who on the pendants and it's a nice reminder of the munchkins around my neck and finger...


  1. spotted this at church on sunday, and loved it! i have a locket ring with a wedding photo of me and brian, but i think i want to make some of these. pinning. ;)

    1. thanks! I think I've figured out how to get the tiny bubbles out, but I have to test it...I'll let you know as soon as I do :0)