Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apple Oreo Teacher Gift

When searching for something to give the girls' teachers for a "welcome back to school" gift, I wanted something cute, edible and quick...what I found, I thought, would fit those criteria.  Well, it turned out cute and edible...quick, well - it was almost quick...

Here's where I found the original link

She has great instructions, but here are some tips that I discovered while making live and learn and then pass on the knowledge, right?!? 

-I bought my mold on eBay for 2.19 (2.65 shipping) Do a search for PLAIN COOKIE CANDY MOLD
-I also did NOT put a hole on top for the pretzel, but used the candy to apply the stem and leaf.  When the cookie pop is cold, the candy will harden quickly and putting holes in these cookies is not smart...I had to "patch" several, well OK - a lot of mistakes.
-Try to locate the center of the cookie as best as you can, otherwise, you'll be taking chunks of cookie off...again you'll have to patch up!
-As temped as you might be to stick these in the freezer to speeden the hardening process...DON'T!  They will form little cracks all over the cookies...not pretty...
-I bought my cellophane bags at Hobby Lobby - they are in the cake section. They are small treat bags that come 50 to a pack and were $1.99 (use your 40% coupon and they'll only be $1.20!)
-I used baker's twine to wrap them up...LOVE that stuff!

Cans to put the treats in:
I liked her idea of the pencil container, but I wanted to do something that could be thrown away after the teachers had eaten the treat.  I made black beans for dinner that night and thought those would be great containers.  I used a safety cut can opener, cut a piece of paper to wrap around, hot glued some ribbon and VOILA - free & cute container.  Attach a cute sign (which you can download below), add some paper shred and you're done!

The possibilities are endless with this mold...Halloween: make pumpkins.  Christmas: make ornaments...and so on. 

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