Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pinterest Thursday - removing scratch marks

When we remodeled our kitchen, I decided to sell my Fiestaware and get all white dishes...Shortly after making this decision, I started to wonder why people would want to own white dishes!  They get scratched so easily...but I loved the simplicity of them, so I decided that since the dishes were brand new and already looked like they were 10 years old, I had to do something to return them to their former glory.  On to Pinterest I went...

When I found this pin my heart was overcome with joy, but then I remembered this is Pinterest and not all things are what they appear, remember the nail incident! So I set off to buy the miracle worker - Bar Keepers Friend. FYI- I couldn't find it at Walmart here in Dothan, but I did find it at Publix and Target.

The result....This stuff is AMAZING!
After some good ole fashioned elbow grease, my plates looked like new!
Here are my before and after pics!

Don't have white dishes...this stuff is great for all dishes and your pots and pans...this stuff really is my friend...not that I'm a bar keeper...anyway, you get my drift

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  1. I just bought a white eight piece set of large and small plates, bowls and mugs from Goodwill for a total of $14! Thrilled with my cost but they are scratched...will have to make a trip to Target and spruce them up! Thank you!!