Friday, August 10, 2012

Pinterest Thursday, I mean Friday - Crock Pot Meals...

My 30th birthday and my 12th wedding anniversary was a couple weeks ago and I did not want to cook...I didn't want to get out of bed...I wanted to stay under the sheets and still be 29...but since apparently that's not how it works...and after a conversation with a very wise family's just a number and age is measured on happiness - am I happier now than I was ten years ago??? the answer - ABSOLUTELY!!!  So I'm womaning up, putting on my big girl panties and I'm going to rock my thirties!!!!! 

But since I still didn't want to cook that day and my hubby wanted the day off too (something about anniversaries being important too...I personally think the birthday card trumps all...well maybe except for a pregnancy card - anywho...) I needed my crock to help me out, so I went to inspiration heaven and found these recipes on pinterest for dinner.

Beef Stroganoff
RESULT: I would make it again, with my addition

It needed some sour cream. The cream cheese was good, but it wasn't beef stroganoff without the sour cream for me, so I added a good healthy spoonful at the end

Here's the link for the pin:


Bread Pudding in the crock pot
RESULTS: epic failure

Now this could me me messing up - but I don't know how I did - I followed the directions and here's what I got:

Yup...that's nasty burned bread pudding - I didn't know the crock pot could burn things...

And that's undercooked bread pudding on the top...maybe someone else will have better luck with this recipe, but as for me, I'll be sticking with the traditional way of making the stuff :0)

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