Monday, August 6, 2012

Displaying photos...with twine?!?

I love pictures. I love vacations.  I love vacation pictures. I love seeing other family vacation pictures. But who has the space and time to put up and constantly change pictures when you go vaca?!? That was a rhetorical question. If you have the space and time, don't brag...

I needed a way to put up the vacation pictures in a small hallway wall and here's what I came up with

I used twine, wrapped it around a couple of nails and used mini clothespins to hang my pictures.  I found the mini clothespins in the office section at Wal-Mart.  I also documented each picture so when people looked at them, they would know the details. Here's another place I did it

These are pictures of the kids' first Disney World visit. Yes, Disney World pictures get their own's kind of a big deal around here...

The great thing about this is I can add and move pictures around easily. When we fill up the third row, I'll add another one and move the pictures around.

I love walking by the wall and being reminded of some incredible family vacations we've had over the also can make me kinda depressed when I walk by them, with my arms full of laundry and kids screaming, wishing I was on mickey's boat instead...but that's ok because I have the memory...

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