Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pinterest Thursday - fail or success???

I love pinterest! The ideas, recipes and amazing things you see on there make you feel so inadequate  inspire you to cook delicious meals, demolish your house and start from scratch redecorate your home, and make you wish your closet was the size of Texas.

Do you pins things and think "is this really going to work....or taste good...or look good???". So I'm putting some things that I've pinned to the test and on Thursdays will post my results...

Here's the first:

To make your nails dry faster, put them in ice water after you paint them...

Here's what your suppose to do:
I painted my first coat, dried with my dryer on cool, then painted my second coat. I then let them sit, with the cool air drying them for 2 min.
I then dipped my fingers into an ice bath for 3 mins. Well honestly for about 1 min, then numbness started to kick in. So I took them out to get some feeling, then put them back for the rest of time, worrying the whole 2 mins. that I might have to go to the hospital and explain how I got frostbite in Alabama during a heat wave...
It's suppose to be hard and dry when it comes out of the water...

The result: FAIL!
I started to fix my hair and here's what happened to my nail pretty much right away...
Which really stinks because I risked my fingers for this pin!

Next pin:

Harvest Cinnamon rolls

I don't have a picture of them. I made them for a teachers' breakfast and they we're wrapped and gone before I could snap a picture...
The results...Absolute SUCCESS!
These were awesome and I love them!
They were just the right amount of sweetness and cinnamony goodness! This one is definitely a keeper!

Here's the address for the pin

I hope I've got more pins to come...I hope they don't involve sticking my fingers into ice water...

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  1. Oh yes, I can say from my own mouth that those cinnamon rolls were DIVINE! I wanted more than one, but I restrained! I miss you, friend! Love all your craftiness!