Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guest Post - Medicine Cabinet Organized!

Here's something my sister in law did and I wanted to share it with everyone!  My mother in law also did it and they have both inspired me to do the same...after the other projects I finish, i.e. my laundry room (very scary mess) and my foyer closet (becoming one scary mess from all the junk in the laundry room)

Kimberly (sister in law) said she couldn't find a thermometer and had 5 bottles of Tylenol...yup, I can relate to this!  Now it's all beautiful - in other words - organized and labeled! 

She didn't get a "before" shot - this is all the stuff in it's glory on the counter - I'm sure you can imagine what it looked like in the cabinet - like mine...scary!

More scariness...

And now - ORGANIZED!!!  Isn't it beautiful?!?  Are you inspired to clean yours out yet?!?


  1. Ah! I actually just did this same thing to my linen closet (where my 'medicine cabinet' is). I had stuff in there that expired in 1997. What?! That's before I even got married. All is pretty and clean and organized now. The problem is keeping it that way. Any tips about how to get the boys in my life on board?! :)

    1. I say don't allow the boys to touch it!!! just kidding...well mostly just kidding ;0)