Monday, July 9, 2012

Father's Day Tags

Father's Day has come and gone and I know this is a little late...there is a good reason why it has taken this long to put this up...but that reason will have to wait for another post...

While here at home, we'll do the traditional breakfast in bed and "daddy's off for the day" coupon i.e - no changing diapers, no chores, just be lazy...what a minute, that sounds like every Sunday around here for him...(JUST KIDDING! - the man does his own laundry...he is heaven sent!) 

At church we wanted the men to have a little something sweet for that awesome day!  So we made cookies for them...remember my idea of making cookies - go to Sam's, pick up cookie dough, bring home, bake.  But just making cookies and handing them out wouldn't work (not becasue you can't do that, but because I am crazy like that), so I made up labels for the cookies.   

Here it is - easy, simple, cute and a great way to say thanks for all you do :0)

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