Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pinterest Thursday - fail or success???

I love pinterest! The ideas, recipes and amazing things you see on there make you feel so inadequate  inspire you to cook delicious meals, demolish your house and start from scratch redecorate your home, and make you wish your closet was the size of Texas.

Do you pins things and think "is this really going to work....or taste good...or look good???". So I'm putting some things that I've pinned to the test and on Thursdays will post my results...

Here's the first:

To make your nails dry faster, put them in ice water after you paint them...

Here's what your suppose to do:
I painted my first coat, dried with my dryer on cool, then painted my second coat. I then let them sit, with the cool air drying them for 2 min.
I then dipped my fingers into an ice bath for 3 mins. Well honestly for about 1 min, then numbness started to kick in. So I took them out to get some feeling, then put them back for the rest of time, worrying the whole 2 mins. that I might have to go to the hospital and explain how I got frostbite in Alabama during a heat wave...
It's suppose to be hard and dry when it comes out of the water...

The result: FAIL!
I started to fix my hair and here's what happened to my nail pretty much right away...
Which really stinks because I risked my fingers for this pin!

Next pin:

Harvest Cinnamon rolls

I don't have a picture of them. I made them for a teachers' breakfast and they we're wrapped and gone before I could snap a picture...
The results...Absolute SUCCESS!
These were awesome and I love them!
They were just the right amount of sweetness and cinnamony goodness! This one is definitely a keeper!

Here's the address for the pin

I hope I've got more pins to come...I hope they don't involve sticking my fingers into ice water...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Faux Weathered / Distressed Wood Painting

You know when you set out to do something and by complete accident it turns into something else better...that's what happened with my door.  We are redoing the laundry room - here's a picture to show why it needed to be overhauled...

scary huh?!?
More to come on the laundry room later...

The door that leads into laundry is your basic run of the mill builder's door from Lowes...nothing special, and that wasn't working...since my laundry room is now becoming special - well as special as a laundry room can become - I mean I still hate doing laundry...

So I decided to dry brush the door to resemble wood...and that's where this story begins...

To dry brush, you want to dip your brush in the paint up to about a 1/2 inch and then pat it off, so you are left with hardly any paint on the brush.  You then want to brush the paint on, going the direction of the wood.

I started doing this and was slightly happy, then I made the big dry brush NO NO mistake...I forgot to pat the brush and was left with this... the time I got my rag and started to wipe it off, it had already began to get tacky and when I started to wipe with a worn out rag (not a new plush one), it started  "flaking off" and was left looking like this...

Which turned out to be EXACTLY what I wanted!  It looks like white weathered wood! 
Here's a couple side by side shots... 

So here's a recap

- The door needs to be painted with a creamy white (or whatever base you want) satin latex paint first (I tested it on an unpainted door and didn't get the same results - the paint comes of easier on a painted surface)

-Dry brush dark chocolate brown on the door, again following the grain of the "wood". 

- Let sit until it becomes "tacky", then with a worn out rag I rubbed the wood in certain spots to get the achieved look.  You'll end up with a nice mess like this on your floor when you're done

-Let dry...if you want to seal it, you can or you can let it dry and cure...I'm letting it dry and cure - if it gets dinged up - it'll go with everything else in my house.

This technique is really forgiving, I didn't see a piece of tape on the door pre-painting and this is what happened...

Want to see the whole door???  You'll just have to wait - did you think it was just going to be a simple painting job and I was done?!?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guest Post - Medicine Cabinet Organized!

Here's something my sister in law did and I wanted to share it with everyone!  My mother in law also did it and they have both inspired me to do the same...after the other projects I finish, i.e. my laundry room (very scary mess) and my foyer closet (becoming one scary mess from all the junk in the laundry room)

Kimberly (sister in law) said she couldn't find a thermometer and had 5 bottles of Tylenol...yup, I can relate to this!  Now it's all beautiful - in other words - organized and labeled! 

She didn't get a "before" shot - this is all the stuff in it's glory on the counter - I'm sure you can imagine what it looked like in the cabinet - like mine...scary!

More scariness...

And now - ORGANIZED!!!  Isn't it beautiful?!?  Are you inspired to clean yours out yet?!?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

my lastest project....

"Why have you not been blogging on a regular basis?", one might ask...well here's the reason!

Yup!  That's a wedding reception...more specifically my brother and new awesome sister-in-law's wedding reception.

* I'm putting it out there camera stinks and the pictures are not that great...I need a new camera, but I want a laptop more, so the camera will happen after I die...

This last month has been a whirlwind!  We first went to Utah for the wedding, then came home and 2 weeks later, we were throwing this party...opps, I mean reception...and it was a blast!

Here are the table centerpieces...yes, those are cans that we spray painted heirloom white, wrapped burlap ribbon and bakers twine around, and filled with and pretty - best combo!
The jars are jars that you probably throw away on a regular basis (olive, pickle, spagetti sauce jars) that we wrapped with lace ribbon, burlap ribbon and twine.  We filled those and mason jars with tealights.  Since my brother has been away at school for a while and Joanna (his bride) is not from here, I wanted to put some small facts about each of them on the table.  So I created little cards that say "love" in different languages and some facts of them both on each table.

We wanted to do something non traditional and so instead of a cake, we did a trifle bar.  The HIS table was chocolate desserts and the HERS table was fruity desserts...something different and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Along the walls, we had old windows with twine drapped and old pictures of the bride and groom attached with clothespins

We put the salad bar in apothecary those jars!

All in all the reception was a success...thanks to the people who helped out SOOOO much!  I have the best family and friends ever - no I'm not bias - it's the truth...without all of their help, it would not have been the success that it was.  Want to see pictures of the beautiful bride and handsome they are...

don't you LOVE the bowties?!?

now that it's over...I don't know what I'll do with my time (insert sarcasm)...I'm sure I'll get another project in the works (no sarcasm there)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Father's Day Tags

Father's Day has come and gone and I know this is a little late...there is a good reason why it has taken this long to put this up...but that reason will have to wait for another post...

While here at home, we'll do the traditional breakfast in bed and "daddy's off for the day" coupon i.e - no changing diapers, no chores, just be lazy...what a minute, that sounds like every Sunday around here for him...(JUST KIDDING! - the man does his own laundry...he is heaven sent!) 

At church we wanted the men to have a little something sweet for that awesome day!  So we made cookies for them...remember my idea of making cookies - go to Sam's, pick up cookie dough, bring home, bake.  But just making cookies and handing them out wouldn't work (not becasue you can't do that, but because I am crazy like that), so I made up labels for the cookies.   

Here it is - easy, simple, cute and a great way to say thanks for all you do :0)