Friday, June 8, 2012

When you want that dress just a bit longer...

The 50's were the times of poodle skirts and darling vintage dresses. 

The 60's & 70's brought bell bottoms and beehive hair. 

The 80's was famous for hot pink spandex skirts with leggings and baggy shirts.

The 90's introduced grunge (thank goodness that didn't last too long...if you fall into this category and you are offended of what I just said - you know I'm right...greasy, oily hair = not cool)
The 00's (this would be the 2000 else would you shorten it?!?)
has brought some seriously short dresses and skirts.  When some of these skirts are worn, the said person wearing them can't bend over or said person would moon all of creation.

I bought some really cute dresses at one of my favorite stores...and surprise! surprise! *sarcasm* they were a little shorter than I like.  Not that I could moon all of creation with them, but I have a comfort zone and they didn't quite fit in it.  It's amazing what an inch can do!
So I had to come up with a way to make it longer because I was keeping that dress and wearing it!  I had the perfect red shoes to go with it...

Here's what you need:
-Some lace or trim
-Heat N Bond - I got the Ultrahold because I knew this dress would be washed (not dried in the dryer though)
I could find any flat lace that I liked, but I did find some gathered.  So I bought it and cut it off of the gathered piece to make it flat...

Next follow the directions on your Heat N Bond and put it on the wrong side of your dress/skirt hem

Next peel the paper off and attach the lace...

On the edges of the hem (mine was a wrap around skirt)  I folded the ends in and sealed them some more Heat N Bond)

Now your done - and your skirts are cute and just a bit longer...and you see I had to make that dress work - those shoes were a must!

and no more mooning people- not that couple of inches would prevent that in some cases...
but I digress...

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