Friday, June 15, 2012

packing for a trip = not fun...but these bags sure do help!

Coming home the last time I flew, my bags had to be a lady opened my suitcase on a table in front of everyone (the 5 or 6 people there...) there and dug in...the only thought I had was "I hope my clothes don't stink" and "Why did I have to wear the pretty bra today and leave the ugly one in the suitcase..." Having all your luggage searched = not cool.  Wouldn't an organized suitcase be so nice...

Packing for a trip is always such a pain...and unpacking is absolutely dreadful...but that's jumping too far ahead.

I'm leaving to go out of town next week for my brother's wedding and I'm putting off's so much more fun to be stressed and yelling at people instead of doing things early...isn't that what everyone does???
So instead of waiting till this weekend - we leave on Tuesday - did I mention I have to pack my kids stuff to go to Nana & Papa's house too?!? 
I'm starting today *patting myself on the shoulder* and I have something to make the packing better....

I put all my kids clothes, for each day, in a gallon ziplock bag.  It has everything they need in the bag, ie clothes, socks, hair bows.

On the outside I write the kid's name and the day it's for.  I also put little notes in the bags when we are away from them :) This makes it so much easier to get help from daddy without getting irritated he did it wrong - it's husband proof - SCORE!  The suitcase looks all neat and organized when I'm won't get to see that picture yet...I just started packing - this could take several days to be finished....but here's a peek of what it looks like

I've tried doing this system for me and it didn't quite work that great - have you ever stuffed a pair of jeans into a gallon ziplock bag???  They have 2 gallon size bags and those are better and I didn't want the XL bags, too big - those things could hold a kid!  So on my quest to find the perfect bag, I found Hefty 2 1/2 gallon size bags...can I just say that these bags ROCK! 

They hold all my bag even has two sets of clothes....and my jeans - with a jacket and and my suitcase are now in heaven!

I put the jewelry that goes with each outfit in a sandwich size ziplock bag inside the big bag.  When I'm done wearing the clothes, I'll stick them back into the bag and zip it up - just in case it stinks - I'm not a stinky person - hiking can make clothes not smell pleasant...

So now when the lady ask to search my bags, I will gladly hand over my beautifully organized suitcase and I'll wear my ugly bra, just in case.

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  1. Somehow I missed this post. I have the kids clothes stored like this in our emergency kits, but had the same dilemma with adult clothes. Thanks for sharing your find!