Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pizza Quesadilla

With summer here, grocery shopping becomes a far and few in between activity. The grocery store with Landon = headache, mommy yelling, stressing out = stress's not a pretty picture.

there are days where the fridge is rather other words - there's nothing in it. Around lunch one day my kids decided they were hungry - imagine that, right?!? The stuff I had in there turned into this recipe...and it turned out great! How can it not be - pepperoni, cheese, bacon...yum!

Pizza Quesadilla

Flour tortillas
Cheese (I used cheddar and Italian blend)
Garlic powder

Stack all that beautiful stuff on top of each other and put it on the stove

I had some homemade ranch to dip it into....yummy!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

packing for a trip = not fun...but these bags sure do help!

Coming home the last time I flew, my bags had to be a lady opened my suitcase on a table in front of everyone (the 5 or 6 people there...) there and dug in...the only thought I had was "I hope my clothes don't stink" and "Why did I have to wear the pretty bra today and leave the ugly one in the suitcase..." Having all your luggage searched = not cool.  Wouldn't an organized suitcase be so nice...

Packing for a trip is always such a pain...and unpacking is absolutely dreadful...but that's jumping too far ahead.

I'm leaving to go out of town next week for my brother's wedding and I'm putting off's so much more fun to be stressed and yelling at people instead of doing things early...isn't that what everyone does???
So instead of waiting till this weekend - we leave on Tuesday - did I mention I have to pack my kids stuff to go to Nana & Papa's house too?!? 
I'm starting today *patting myself on the shoulder* and I have something to make the packing better....

I put all my kids clothes, for each day, in a gallon ziplock bag.  It has everything they need in the bag, ie clothes, socks, hair bows.

On the outside I write the kid's name and the day it's for.  I also put little notes in the bags when we are away from them :) This makes it so much easier to get help from daddy without getting irritated he did it wrong - it's husband proof - SCORE!  The suitcase looks all neat and organized when I'm won't get to see that picture yet...I just started packing - this could take several days to be finished....but here's a peek of what it looks like

I've tried doing this system for me and it didn't quite work that great - have you ever stuffed a pair of jeans into a gallon ziplock bag???  They have 2 gallon size bags and those are better and I didn't want the XL bags, too big - those things could hold a kid!  So on my quest to find the perfect bag, I found Hefty 2 1/2 gallon size bags...can I just say that these bags ROCK! 

They hold all my bag even has two sets of clothes....and my jeans - with a jacket and and my suitcase are now in heaven!

I put the jewelry that goes with each outfit in a sandwich size ziplock bag inside the big bag.  When I'm done wearing the clothes, I'll stick them back into the bag and zip it up - just in case it stinks - I'm not a stinky person - hiking can make clothes not smell pleasant...

So now when the lady ask to search my bags, I will gladly hand over my beautifully organized suitcase and I'll wear my ugly bra, just in case.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 I come!!!!

Everyone is busy with life...I we sometimes feel like we can't take one more thing on in our life...yet, I we do.  I'm not about to list all my complaints and things to do...I'm a procrastinator by nature and so it's mostly half my fault.
I love making things on the computer - invitations, subway art, gift I thought, why not sell it???  I really want a MAC laptop, and since I know that asking for it is equivalent to asking for the moon - I thought maybe this venture in the very long future can fund that and some of the other things I want to do.  I also have a slight addiction to digital paper (thank you mother!) and if the money spent won't go to waste I could put it to use, then that'll make the hubby happy! 
So on top of it all, I have opened my own Etsy shop! The inventory is low, but it's a working progress and I still have a family to take care of - otherwise I'd be at my computer all day!

The name of the shop is La Loopsie Invites and you can check it out here:

Friday, June 8, 2012

When you want that dress just a bit longer...

The 50's were the times of poodle skirts and darling vintage dresses. 

The 60's & 70's brought bell bottoms and beehive hair. 

The 80's was famous for hot pink spandex skirts with leggings and baggy shirts.

The 90's introduced grunge (thank goodness that didn't last too long...if you fall into this category and you are offended of what I just said - you know I'm right...greasy, oily hair = not cool)
The 00's (this would be the 2000 else would you shorten it?!?)
has brought some seriously short dresses and skirts.  When some of these skirts are worn, the said person wearing them can't bend over or said person would moon all of creation.

I bought some really cute dresses at one of my favorite stores...and surprise! surprise! *sarcasm* they were a little shorter than I like.  Not that I could moon all of creation with them, but I have a comfort zone and they didn't quite fit in it.  It's amazing what an inch can do!
So I had to come up with a way to make it longer because I was keeping that dress and wearing it!  I had the perfect red shoes to go with it...

Here's what you need:
-Some lace or trim
-Heat N Bond - I got the Ultrahold because I knew this dress would be washed (not dried in the dryer though)
I could find any flat lace that I liked, but I did find some gathered.  So I bought it and cut it off of the gathered piece to make it flat...

Next follow the directions on your Heat N Bond and put it on the wrong side of your dress/skirt hem

Next peel the paper off and attach the lace...

On the edges of the hem (mine was a wrap around skirt)  I folded the ends in and sealed them some more Heat N Bond)

Now your done - and your skirts are cute and just a bit longer...and you see I had to make that dress work - those shoes were a must!

and no more mooning people- not that couple of inches would prevent that in some cases...
but I digress...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dare to be a....

For many of those of you who know me, know I'm a Mormon.
For those of you who know me and didn't know until now...I'm a Mormon!
but surely the "no tea/no coffee/having 6 brothers and sisters" would have given it away?!?

I get to teach once every several months and my turn was up this past Sunday. It was on a Mormon message that had been made on a talk by the president and prophet of the church, Thomas S. Monson. While this is talking about Mormons, it can applied to everyone. Stand up for good values. Be a good person! Let's remember that no matter what religion we are...we are all here on this earth trying to be best person we can be and we need each other to do it!

Here's the video that inspired the lesson

Here's the subway art I made for the lesson - two versions -

   Here's the download for this one                                   Here's the download for this one

Friday, June 1, 2012

Wanna save money??? Homemade laundry soap can do that

Are you tired of spending money on laundry detergent???  Are you tired of spending money on fabric softener???  Well, if so, I have the solution for you! - do I sound like a infomercial yet?!?

A friend of mine recently got a new front loader wash machine - I had told her about my issues with front loaders - I love it but it would STINK up (which is really gross when you think about it - we are suppose to wash clothes in something that smells like a dead rat) until I started to make my own detergent and softener.  After some research on how to get rid of that horrible smell, I found out that normal detergents, along with stagnant water under the rim,  would actually enable mold to grow - therefore I would have rat smell. 

I had tried to make my own detergent years ago, when the Duggars first had it on their show, to help save money...but at the time you couldn't buy washing soda in the town I live in...when I asked about it at Wal-Mart (we didn't have a Target or Publix at the time), I got blank stares - imagine that...So I used reg. baking soda and it was like water...but we still used it - and then I went back to normal detergent.

So I went to the store and low and behold, everything was there and it was all in the same section!  Other people are cheap too want to save money! 

I also make laundry booster - my hubbs is my the "construction" business.  He has some days where he's in the office, but most days he's out in the field installing or building cabinets.  So his clothes can be really dirty therefore his clothes needed a "boost" (yes, I know cheesy).  Also if the kids had ice cream and their shirts ate more than they works well for that too.

As far as the softener, I hang dry about 75% of the clothes I wash - I don't wash my hubbs clothes, he does his own - I know I'm a spoiled rotten lucky girl!  So I did some research on homemade fabric softeners and this is what I came up with.  Vinegar (don't worry, your clothes won't smell like it) alone still made my clothes kind of stiff...but when I added the conditioner that got rid of the problem.  The vinegar in the softener also helps clean out the washer - double duty!  I was also a weirdo about how my clothes smelled...I wanted that "snuggle" smell in everything.  Well I don't get that anymore...which is ok with me - my clothes are clean and it's cheap - enough said.  Maybe the essential oil people will come out with a "laundry" oil...that would make me happy...

Homemade Laundry Soap

1 1/2 c. Washing Soda
1 1/2 c. Borax
1 bar Fels Naptha - grated
1 - 1 gallon jug
1 - 5 gallon bucket (yup - it's going to make that much!)

Add soap to a large stock pot and fill 1/2 way with water.  Bring to a boil, stirring constantly, and let the soap completely dissolve.  Add soda and Borax.  Let come back to boil and completely dissolve.  Next fill the 5 gallon bucket about 1/4 of the way with tap water and slowly stir in soap mixture.  Fill up the rest of the way with water.  Let sit overnight. 

I take the bucket out side (just in case I spill some decides it wants to go on the floor) with a funnel and pour into a 1 gallon jug for me to use in the laundry's just easier than using the bucket...and the bucket is my seat when I transfer clothes from the washing machine to the dryer...

For HE washers,I use to the fill line, about 1/4 cup
For a top loader, about 1/2 c.

Homemade Fabric Softener

1 bottle of conditioner
6 cups of vinegar
20 drops of an essential oil - I use lavender, but I want to try tea tree
1 gallon jug
Hot Water

Mix the conditioner and about 4 cups of hot water together in jugs and shake till combined and the conditioner is dissolved.  Add the vinegar and shake - then add more water, but leave enough more for you to be able to shake the jug.  Add the essential oil.
I use this to the fill line in washer...remember I hang dry my clothes and I want them to be soft.

Homemade Laundry Booster

1 c. Borax
1 c. Washing Soda
1/2 c. Oxy Clean

Mix all these together and store in an airtight container.  Add the powder right to the clothes, for both HE and top loaders.

For lightly soiled clothes, I use 1 tbsp
For heavily soiled clothes, I use 2 tbsp

On a side note : She got her front loaders and has now told me she loves to do laundry and is finding excuses to use them...I wish that bug would bite me again...