Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shout out to all the teachers!!!!

Confession - I dropped the ball on this one.  I had no idea that it was teacher appreciation week, until my sis-in-law informed me on Tuesday afternoon (she didn't know it slipped by me with all the stuff on Pinterest is beyond me...).
I felt like such a loser.  Teaching is one of those jobs, like nursing, they do all the work and don't get all of the recognition.  I'm so grateful for the teachers that have been in my life.  I'll never forget my ninth grade English teacher jumping around the class playing both roles of Mercutio and Benvoilio fighting to the end.  My love of reading really started around then and is to this day my stress relief.   While we should always remember our teachers during the whole year, I knew I had to quickly make up for the ignorant lapse I had.  So I texted Evie's teacher to apologize and got on pinterest...

To say there is a shortage of ideas on Pinterest, would be to say I won't paint my kitchen ever again.  A ton couple of ideas jumped at me, one of which was this cute candy bucket.   So as soon as my other half returned home, I was off to WallyMart, then to 2 gas stations...why Wally doesn't have Skor bars and Pop Rocks is baffling.

I loved the bucket and the words of the poem, but I wanted a different look for the poem.  So I redesigned it and turned it into subway art...yes the ever so popular subway art.   I have also made it for you to download!  It's designed for a 5x7 size.  The heart is off center, so your child can sign their name on it.  The OCD in me had a hard time letting that be! Here's the bucket I put together and the download link is below that!

Thanks to all the teachers in my life and for the ones helping my kids through their journey.
You are appreciated!

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