Friday, May 18, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Who says it has to be "teacher appreciation week" to give teachers an appreciation breakfast?!?  Not me, because that's what happens when you don't know it's teacher appreciation week the week of teacher appreciation week...I'm kind of tired of writing "teacher appreciation week"'s beginning to not look like words know what I mean?!? moving on...

Several mothers from my daughter's class and I got together, dished out what needed to be done and did it.  They asked me to decorate...I don't know if they knew what kind of monster they were unleashing, but it was too late, they already had asked.  We did homemade cinnamon rolls (more on that to come later - they were fabulous!), fresh fruit, Keurig (I don't drink coffee, but I'm told this is the best!) coffee, juices, and milk. We wanted to make sure the teachers could get their food and "run" off to class (they wouldn't run because you get in trouble for that kind of stuff in school, not that I ever did that), so we made sure everything was carriable (I don't care if spellcheck said that word was wrong, I like it better then portable).  The fruit was whole, we had lids for their coffee cups, and I put the cinnamon rolls in bakery bags.  And because I'm me and I can't leave well enough alone, I made tags to go on the bakery bags...remember I have a problem...

I have the tags and a print I designed (for an 8x10 frame) down below for you to use, if you want to do something for the teacher in your life. I think the teachers really enjoyed having breakfast done for them and they deserved it!  The teachers that Evie has had in that school have been INCREDIBLE (notice I used all caps, they are that INCREDIBLE!).  I wish I could do more and be at the school more for them,
but that would require me bringing my 2 year old monster little boy...after I did they would demand kindly ask for me to not bring that hurricane back to the school.

Sorry the pictures are not great, I didn't have my camera...

Click here to download the wrappers (the wrappers are 6x4, after folding 6x2)

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