Thursday, May 31, 2012

One project that's done...we'll mostly...

Our kitchen makeover -  I'll start out by saying this took approximately 1 1/2 would think we tore down walls, added square footage or a whole new kitchen for that matter....but no, we just like to have never ending projects around here *sarcasm*  The sad thing is it's not 100% done...I want a new floor, gas stove, and an island...but I know when to count my lucky stars and not push my luck.

Here's the before kitchen - boring and blah...

The cabinets all one level made the ceiling seem short, which they are - stinkin' 8' foot ceiling -  but I didn't want that to be emphasized by the cabinets
The appliances are different - stainless and black - we try to only buy if it's broken or if it's a deal we can't pass up - like this big momma...

Pretty fridge, right?!?  No I did not pay full price for that - it's used and it was only $600 - and it didn't come with the vents... which are $250 - so it's kind of hard to buy vents that are almost 1/2 as much as the fridge -  remember I'm cheap
Jay built the cabinet around it - thinking that we would take out all of the cabinets and put in the fancy kind of doors...

See the "open" cabinet doors- in the 11 years I had been in this house, not once did I have glass in them - I finally got tired of bugging Jay to put some of the clutter and put up paper - tacky I know but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

and drum roll please - TA DA!!!  Here it is!

Got rid of a 1/2 working stove and oven - and replaced them both with something prettier

We replaced the oven cabinet with open shelving (LOVE!) and more counter top space (also LOVE!)

Made one cabinet go up to the ceiling to help elongate the area

and yes, that is an electrical outlet without a cover - the title of the post is "well mostly" You'd think a trip to Lowe's would be easy?!?

Put up an awesome farmhouse light without the outrageous price - IKEA rocks!

I made some boxwood wreaths to put spruce up the cabinets doors

Put in new butcher block counter tops (Jay stained them dark and sealed them) - again IKEA rocks!

We added "feet" to the bottom of the cabinets to make something boring into something special!

Since the cabinet that Jay built was different from the rest of the cabinets, I wanted it to look like a piece of furniture - so I painted and weathered it - yes...still no vent...maybe one day...

Painted chalkboard on the wall and framed it out in for me and one for the kids

Since I couldn't get new floors, I bought these runners at Wal-Mart and placed them everywhere they would fit, to help distract the eye from the ugly works until I point it out to someone...

We thought about scraping the ceiling smooth - but that is A LOT of work for Jay and I didn't want that look in the kitchen, so we put up cheap wood paneling  and painted it for that farmhouse look.

Put a pallet wall- everyone thought I had gone off the deep end when I said I wanted to do this...I had to fight for my wall - but in the end, I won and I got to hear - "you were right"...that's always nice to hear...

I painted the pantry doors a slate blue to add some pizazz to the little entry way there

All in all  - this is my dream kitchen, well I need wood floors, a gas stove, and an island - then it's my dream kitchen!  But that's not asking for too much, right???  Do you think it's too soon to ask for those???


  1. i love your kitchen! yay for hard work and sticking to your guns :) .

  2. What kind of wall paneling did you use for the wood look??