Tuesday, May 15, 2012

lemonade stand...drink stand, whatever you want it to be

For my daughter's 5th birthday we did a pink lemonade party, inspired by "Pinkalious".  So of course, we had to have a lemonade stand!  I told my hubby for several months that he needed to get to work on one (I work on parties for at least 6 months - obsessive, maybe...it comes with the whole projectitisis thing), thinking it would take him a little while to get it done.   Boy was I wrong!  (that was really hard to admit I'll admit when I'm wrong) He whipped it together in a couple of hours - he's amazing with those power tools!  I also don't have step by step pictures, due to the fact that when I got there, he was done (I really underestimated him on this - which works more in my favor than his...I now know he really can do projects fast and fast projects = more projects!!!)

He also came up with an awesome idea - paint the top with chalkboard paint so that it can be whatever you want it to be (I think he really did this, because he knew that I'm using this at brother's wedding reception and he didn't want to make another sign...but it works for me!)  He also made it where the sign and post can come out for moving it around...he's so smart! 

Here are some others pics of the party!  I'm going to show how to make the chalkboard frame & banners in a later post.  And how sad is it that I don't have a picture of just the birthday girl and her table...all that planning and I forgot to assign "photographer" to someone...I'm going to have to start to plan a year in advance now...

This is the subway art I made for the lunch table and it's here for you to download!

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