Monday, May 14, 2012

For the nanas and mimis in your life!

This post is late due to these were gifts to the most important women in my this can be something for next year or a birthday or just because I love you gift...don't you love "just because I love you gifts" technically my hubby loves me everyday, right? So should I get one everyday, right?!?  Food for thought ladies, food for thought...

I love subway's taking over in some of my rooms and I wanted to give it as a mother's day gift.  I found some great ones but they weren't specific enough for me.  My munchkins call their grandmothers "Mimi" and "Nana".  I found an absolutely adorable grandmother subway art printable from eighteen25, but again the whole "grandma" thing threw it off, so I made my own inspired by theirs.  I did it in grays and black because I wanted the flowers (or whatever embellishments) to really pop.  The paper flowers and gem stickers came from WallyWorld for $1.00 per pack.
cheap frugal & cute = happy me!

I also wanted the package to be wrapped cute, so at 10:00 at night I went to get my brown kraft paper, butcher's twine (LOVE that stuff), quote from this post, and mini clothspins. I open my scary closet and low and behold, the brown kraft paper was gone and all I had was Christmas wrapping paper.  So Christmas wrapping paper it reverse. That's right...use the white side and they won't even know, well until they open it and who cares at that point, right?!?

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  1. I am the lucky Mimi to have gotten this! I LOVE and cherish it!