Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Countdown to the Most Magical Place!

This past weekend my family and I went on a mini vacation to see some family in Jacksonville, Florida.  We travel I-10 to get there. At one point there is the turn off to get on I-75, which is the way to Disney World.  Our home away form home.

We go to Disney because I have to my children love it and it's a great family vacation.  There is nothing like seeing your kids' faces light up when they set their eyes on Belle or Buzz.  Also we are fortunate to only be 6 hrs. away from the place!  And believe or not, you can do Disney on a budget...remember I'm cheap. 

I have Our family has been having some major Disney withdrawals and we are planning a trip in October...which seems like an eternity away!  So it was the hardest thing to not yank that steering wheel to the right and head south like sailors to the sirens.  Instead we headed to Jacksonville and had a great time...by the way we went to St. Augustine...that place is AWESOME!  We'll definitely head back there unless my car goes on auto pilot and heads south...

To prep for our trip in October and to give as a gift, I designed this Countdown to Disney subway art and it's here for you to download!


  1. All I have to say is...."OMG"....Thanks honey!

  2. We are planning our next Disney vacation right now and I just have been so excited to go back as my kids were so different there. My 6 yr old son is Autistic and I tell you Disney is really magical.... he started speaking more at Disney then ever before. He also had no melt downs and I was expecting them due to the crowds.... it was amazing all around. And then there is the obvious my kids eyes lighting up, especially the looks on "It's A Small World".

    Grandma paid for the last trip and we learned a lot of what NOT to do if you want to save money by going on that vacation with her. She spent a small fortune. First mistake was staying at Disney at one of their resorts.Followed by many more money wasters, including park hoppers for all the parks meanwhile we never even made it to Epcot... not enough time we did 5 days. We never even got to go in pool at hotel only thing we did there was eat and sleep. Making the money paid on it a huge waste.

    Anyways I plan to take a peek at your ideas... and I LOVE this countdown I will be using it. Thanks for sharing