Thursday, May 10, 2012


Being a mommy is tough...being a mommy who has hundreds lots of projects going on is insanity.  Everyone who knows and does this is nodding their head right now...I have 3 wonderful children, an absolutely amazing husband (who is handy with power tools and stays busy on "our" projects), and a slight case of projectaholism (it's a serious condition...ask my husband).
My husband and I built our home 11 years ago, in our first year of marriage. Some would say that is a sure recipe for a disastrous first year of marriage, but the truth is I was a young wife who just wanted a house and didn't voice my opinion on many things (not that it would have mattered...budgets have to ruin all the fun!).  As the years have gone, my opinion has grown (budget, not so much...).  It has started to become a monster problem that has to be a frugal (cheap sounds so...well, cheap) way.  We thought we would sell this house and build a new one. One that had all the wonderful things I dream about...nooks that I can read in, a wrap around porch with hammocks and rocking chairs, a craft room, a bigger kitchen, a bathroom that would make you want to lock yourself in it all day long...mmm...ok, back on track here.  But the more we thought about it, our budget and finally, our memories, wouldn't allow us to leave. All of our children have been born (well not physically born, but you know what i mean) in this house. I want them to bring their children here and say "this is my childhood home". Silly maybe, but that's how we feel.

Since we decided to stay, things had to change. I'm a stay at home mom and my home is my office, so I need it to function and be what I need (and can add a wrap around porch to any house, right?!?) it to be.  I want need organization (how many times has that been your New Year's resolution?!?), cleanliness (and not just - throw it in a closet or under the bed kind of clean), to be self sufficient (the dreaded words "food storage" keep popping up in my head), and a homey home ( homey home noun. - all who enter my house feel at home).

This blog is about confessions.  It's good to purge the soul.

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