Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Buckets of Fun this Summer

Summer = swimming, beach, family, vacations, sleeping in
Summer also = "I'm bored" "I'm hungry" "There's nothing to do"  "It's too hot to play outside"

While my kids are going to undoubtedly drive me crazy, I'm excited to have them home for summer.  I have lots of ideas I want to do with them...we'll see how many actually come to pass...I'm thinking 50%, ok...10% of them.  One of them that will definitely happen is going to the beach!  And going to the beach means you need toys, more specifically sand buckets.  For Elaina's class we gave them buckets and I attached a "Have BUCKETS of fun this summer" tag to them.  So if you're like me and wait till the last minute to do gifts, this one is great - it's easy, fast, and will get used this summer!

1 comment:

  1. Doing this for a pre-k end of school year party. The kids will be finding there buckets with a scavenger hunt. What did you use to put the names on. Struggling with an any easy option, I have 25 names to add.
    Thanks so much.