Friday, May 11, 2012

Absolute Sweetness!

This week started me visiting the hospital and ended with me visiting the hospital.  My mom had kidney stones (uggg!  I hope they are not hereditary-she was absolutely miserable, well until they gave her drugs, then she was "floating"...) that had to be blasted.  Then to end my week, my sis-in-law gave birth to my absolutely beautiful little niece, Isabella. 

As I walked down the hall to go visit them, the smell of baby - not the "where's your mommy, so she can change you" kind, but the sweet, clean, baby magic kind of smell - hit me and I thought "Oh, no!  Please don't start to want another baby!"  So I waited to see if the urge would come, thank goodness it stayed away...until I met little Isabella.  Well, it almost came.  But if there was a baby around who could change my mind, it would be her.  I'm already ready to go back and hold that absolutely sweet bundle of joy!

There's something for you to download!  Since I made the Teacher Candy Bucket (that post is here), I knew I wanted to come up with one for a gift to take to the hospital.  I figure most mothers (with the exception of me) want to eat healthy when they get home, but the hospital is fair game.  It's kind of like the "I'm on vacation and I'll eat what I want" excuse rule. 

I designed it for a 5x7 and there are 2 designs, one for a boy and one for a girl.  I attached it on the front of a gift bag and filled that thing up with candy!

By the mom is back to normal now! And not "floating" anymore...


  1. I was reading your "baby fever" past and almost called u before I finished reading.... Good thing I finished reading first! Ha!!!

  2. You know me! Not even Baby Magic smell can break me down ;0)

  3. I used the baby girl candy poem for a friend of mine & she absolutely loved it!! I would like to download the boy one for a friend that is due next month but I noticed that it says "her" as well. Is there any way to update/edit this?